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about us

Specialized in Facebook en Instagram advertising

We believe that focus is the key to succes – that’s why we specialize in Facebook and Instagram advertising for coaches with online courses.

Facebook is one of the easiest platform to set-up an ad, but one of the hardest to set-up ads that consistently generate revenue profitably. Our passion is to deeply understand the platform and its users – this allows us to generate the best results for our clients. 

Our start

e-Marketing Consultancy is founded by Pepijn Hufen in 2017. Pepijn started working as an online marketing freelancer offering a wide range of services. He realized he would never become the best in ‘everything’ and that’s why he decided to laser focus. He now works with coaches that sell online courses.

The digital age

Facebook and Instagram are extremely popular social media platforms at the moment. The algorithm of Facebook is advanced and knows to find the right people at the right time if you know how to handle it. The key to succes on these platforms is setting the right context and naturally leading users to the next stage in the customer journey. That’s what we do best with long form copy ads. 

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We are always looking for the best and brightest minds to join our team. 

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